Kumbapushpam Charitable Trust is dedicated to social-economic transformation of rural and remote areas of India, especially the weaker and socially underprivileged groups, through physical, social, cultural and economic development of rural people, groups and institutions.The Kumbapushpam Charitable Trust was established by Dr.K.Balakrishnan . In a short period of time, the Trust established itself as a social service institutionof repute. Since its inception, every single individual at the Trust is inspired to work tirelessly to help usher in a better world. The Trust has been successful in bringing about a number of positive changes to the rural communities that it works with. However, we are also acutely aware that a lot more needs to be done and we are still a long way from achieving our goal.

The Kumbapushpam Charitable Trust’s success is based on a simple strategy – we are not project oriented; rather we are  people oriented.  It is important for us to usher in radical change to the lives of the people in underprivileged areas and consider public acknowledgement and appreciation of our work of secondary importance.Our vision is to empower rural India through access to improved health, education services and enhanced livelihood skills and thereby help in building a better India.

Our goal is to improve the economic and living standard of the rural poor by improving the accessibility, acceptability and utilization of services and empowerment of the community through capacity building.

  • We prefer decentralized decision making so that maximum number of people can get benefited.
  • Our priority is to help those who are willing to help themselves.  This is why we prefer the word ‘empowerment’ and not ‘improvement’.
  • We try to analyze and involve ourselves in the rural development policies and advocate that the deserving section of the people must receive the maximum benefit out of them.
  • We believe in creating replicable and sustainable models for effective rural development

We not only plan but are committed to the creation of ‘One India’ and we know that we will succeed in it!