KMCT runs several programs in the area of Health. Our programs are focused on helping people lead a better and healthier life.

  1. URBAN HEALTH: The known fact is that the quality of the healthcare of the urban poor cannot be improved unless the conditions of their health determinants (like water, sanitation, nutrition, hygiene etc.) are improved. With the same outline, KMCT has entered into technical partnership with PFI (Population foundation of India) for the health initiative “Health of the Urban Poor” (HUP).The program’s objective is to improve the health status of the urban poor by adopting effective, efficient and sustainable strategic intervention approaches, adopting the principle of convergence of the various development programs.
  2. EYE AND HEALTH CARE: KMCT conducts a number of eye care camps to help detect and cure the problem of cataract which is quite common in India especially in rural areas.KMCT also conducts eye screening camps for school children in its target villages.
  3. WOMEN AND CHILD CARE: The main objective of this program is to bring physical and psychological development of children between the age group of 0-6 years, adolescent girls, pregnant women, and lactating mothers by improving their health and nutritional status.
  4. PREVENTION OF HIV/AIDS: To encourage safe sex practices in various susceptible groups in district of Pali with the valuable support from Kerala State AIDS Control Society- Target group- 510 Female sex workers were given the knowledge of safe sexual behavior with 13 Intervention sites conducting awareness and health camps. Process of condom distribution within highly vulnerable groups and social marketing was concluded.
  5. REPRODUCTIVE AND CHILD HEALTH CARE: We here at KMCT run special reproductive and child health care programs for the better care of women and children. To lower the infant and mortality rate, the program focuses on the poverty aspect and considering the socioeconomic status of women it has been formulated.
  6. PRIMARY HEALTH CARE AND FAMILY WELFARE: Human development is only possible if proper preventive and health care measures are taken. We at KMCT conduct some special programs which ensure better health which is very much essential for eradicate socioeconomic health disparities.
Education is the process of learning and knowing, which is not restricted to our school text-books. It is a holistic process and continues through our life. Even the regular happenings and events around us educate us, in one or the other way. An educated person has the ability to change the world, as he/she is brimming with confidence and assured of making the right moves. Trust is continuously running its Formal & Non-formal Education program in the remote & rural locations in India.Our approach for education varies as per variation in location. This can be:
  1. FORMAL EDUCATION: KMCT has always believed that education is what makes us humans. Good education may not be sufficient but it is certainly necessary in turning individual into good, productive citizens. It is education that gives a person the framework to judge right and wrong.
    • Residential facilities
    • Quality education from LKG to class XII and is affiliated to the CBSE.
    • Various vocational courses like Transport System and Management, Accountancy and Auditing, Financial Market Management and Health care science which are different from the other regular courses.
    • Latest infrastructure and advance technology that provides a complete learning experience to students.
    • Coaching classes for competitive entrance examinations like PMT & PET at the school campus.
  2. NON FORMAL EDUCATION: KMCT has developed a special set of programs which focus on delivering education through non-formal channels to all age groups. Non- formal education is important to adults who did not get a chance to study at an young age or children that do not have access to formal education resources.
    KMCT wants to ensure that every person regardless of age whether it a child, an adult or an elderly person, should gain some knowledge that can help him or her to earn his or her livelihood and live a life of complete dignity.

Since inception KMCT has been involved in conservation of water resources because the areas served by KMCT are generally characterized by an insufficiency of natural resources, especially potable water.


Earning a reasonable livelihood is key to the dignity of every individual. Possesing a vocation skill empowers an individual to earn himself a dignified life. With this understanding, KMCT conducts a number of programs which equip individuals with vocational skills.


PROMOTION OF VISUAL ARTS AND PAINTINGS: Every individual is blessed with talent in one or the other of many human arts. A chance to use our natural born talent goes a long way in leading a happy and contended life. Unfortunately a lot of us are either unaware of our own talent or do not get a chance to develop and nurture it. KMCT has therefore undertaken to encourage young artists to blossom and show their talents by organizing artist camps and providing essential support.

INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT: KMCT believes that people living in rural areas must enjoy the a quality life comparable to those living in urban areas. However, lack of adequate infrastructure remains a big obstacle in delivering an improved standard of living to people living in rural areas. To tackle this issue, KMCT has undertaken a number of projects to bring the benefits of infrastructure to rural areas.

MANAGEMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES AND DISASTER MANAGEMENT: KMCT’s Management of Natural Resources & Disaster Management program focuses on developing sustainable development and management practices in exploiting natural resources.